Why Plus Minus

We recognise our duty towards our clients

The Plus Minus team combines a burning desire to protect your interests with helping your business to flourish. As integral members of your business we aim to deliver much more than the traditional accountants.

Knowledge & Professionalism

Our partners are qualified accountants and active member of ICAEW, ACCA or CIMA, the three biggest accountancy bodies in the UK. With many years of experience and eyes for high standards. We ensure you get excellence in service.

Friendly Team

Clients and staff enjoy the pleasant environment of a strong “family” culture within our organisation. Unlimited Phone & Meeting Call us and discuss your accounting issue, exchange a business idea or just share your feelings. Whenever you need us, we are here for you.

Fixed Fees

You get no nasty surprise at the year end. We normally work on fixed fees. We don’t look for reasons to produce bills. We value our clients.

Individual Attention

Once appointed, we will assign you a dedicated manager to look after your day-to-day affairs. Our managers are professionally qualified and each responsible for a small number of clients.

Shared Responsibility

You decide where we start from. From invoice sorting to tax planning we will get involved as much or as little as you want. Flawless Communication: Your communication with us is simple. We are available on the phone, quick on e-mail. If we are busy, we will let you know, not keep you wondering!


Time is key to excellent service. You will be reminded of deadlines in plenty of time. We are committed to deliver on time, every time.

Resourceful Ideas

Use our creative thinking to maximise your benefits. We can do more than your books. Plus Minus is not a 100 years old firm but we wish to go on for 100 years.

Comprehensive Services

Almost everything that your business will need from accountants is covered by our comprehensive service range. We can also direct you towards clients & associates for non-accounting service, should you need.

Why Plus Minus

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