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Personal tax accountants

At Plus Minus, we’ve supported countless individuals with our personal tax accountant services. From capital gains and inheritance tax to living, working, and new investments, we are not only here to keep your finances in order but to watch them grow as well.

Self-assessment and income tax

Take advantage of our self-assessment tax return service and benefit from year-round expert tax planning advice—along with annual accounts preparation and on-time submission. Always up to speed with often complex HMRC guidelines, we take the guesswork out of your income tax obligations to keep bills to a minimum, whatever your situation.

Capital gains tax

It’s easy to get caught out when selling a property and other valuable items. With our specialist expertise in issues of capital gains tax for individuals, we’ll help to ensure the best deal possible—exploiting every relief and deduction you’re eligible for. With careful planning, you can sometimes avoid paying capital gains tax altogether.

Trusts and estates

Are you giving away more than you should? Benefit from our years of experience with trust funds and estates to streamline this often tricky field of personal taxation and reduce your liabilities. Where applicable, we’ll also act on your behalf as trustees and executors to calculate and advise on inheritance tax issues.

Savings and investments

Make your investments work for you. We can provide thorough support on ISAs and all the major business investment schemes. We’re also specialists in retirement planning, offering detailed guidance on pension tax reliefs. With Plus Minus, you can relax in the knowledge that your savings and investments are handled efficiently for tax and cleverly optimised.

Why Plus Minus

Plus Minus are committed to each and every one of our clients, offering personal tax accountant services to save you time and money. Consistently delivering specialist advice and reliable results, we’ve developed a solid reputation in London that we’re keen to uphold.


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