what our clients say

Tax planning


We take the time to explore all the deductions and reliefs you’re eligible for, whilst ensuring that your tax bracket is right.

Tax Returns

At Plus Minus we’re specialists at preparing end of year accounts for small businesses. We offer a personal, on- or off-site service, not just another anonymous and often unqualified online back office.


Tax Mitigation


It is all about saving you money by structuring your affairs more efficiently. We look at several key areas of taxation, depending on your situation, to ensure you’re not being overcharged. With the right advice, it’s possible to make substantial reductions on your tax bill, and sometimes to eliminate certain taxes altogether.


What Plus Minus will do for you

  • VAT registration
  • Advice on VAT planning
  • VAT administration
  • Help you completing VAT returns
  • Support you on VAT Flat rate Scheme
  • Negotiating with HM Revenue & customs in disputes
  • VAT schemes, control and reconciliation
  • Help you with VAT HMRC inspections
  • Our legal partners representing you at VAT tribunals

We have flexible ways of working with our clients

  • Remote bookkeeping: Plus Minus manage all your bookkeeping from our office.
  • On-site bookkeeping: We manage all your bookkeeping from your office.
  • Combined bookkeeping: We visit you regularly using our software, saving you software and hardware costs.
  • Supported bookkeeping: You do whatever processing you wish and leave us with the difficult work, both of us sharing the same software.

Real Time Information (RTI)

In addition to end-of-year returns, HMRC also requires updates each time employees get paid. We compile this information for businesses as part of our payroll services, including data on earnings, tax, and NI deductions, and submit it through the HMRC’s RTI system.

Start-up Advice

Plus Minus will help you with

  • Business Plan
  • Estimate and currently cash flow
  • Consulting for start-up businesses
  • Accountancy advice
  • Business strategy

I have zero hesitation in recommending Plus Minus, having been with them for many years and never once having had a complaint.

Their tax planning services have been essential for taking my business in the direction I want it to go in, and these services in particular have been more thorough and detailed than any accountants I’ve worked with in the past. For anyone familiar with the run of the mill type of accountants that you see so many of online these days, just imagine the opposite and you’ve got Plus Minus.

They’re hands-on experts in all of their accountancy services. Whenever I’ve struggled with something technical (and this has been often), it’s been so reassuring to know they’re just a phone call away.

Plus Minus team have been indispensable in helping me with complex things like auto enrolment for pensions, VAT returns, and corporation tax. There are certain things I know I wouldn’t have been able to do without them. And everything my accountant at Plus Minus does for me – from bookkeeping to tax returns – is with genuine interest in seeing my business succeed, you can really see that.



The biggest help has obviously been in helping us secure and grow our finances, which has involved a lot of cash flow examination and re-examination. They taught us how to keep an eye on every penny and watch out for opportunities to plug holes.

Tax planning has been another huge help over the past three years, helping us to make sure we were a) in the right tax bracket to begin with and b) taking advantage of any deductions and reliefs we were allowed to, in line with our growth year on year. They’ve advised us on pretty much everything else as well – how we’re structured, what we hope to achieve each year, even whether we intend to sell eventually.

In short: I can’t recommend Plus Minus enough for ensuring you succeed as a start-up.


IT consultant , Startup