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Smart accountancy services

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Meet our qualified accountants

Our Business Advisors have each grown businesses of their own. That means we’ve all dealt with our own business challenges too. From tax issues to cashflow, and strategies for growth or disposal, there’s little we haven’t encountered. Backed by more than 15 years’ professional experience and full chartered certification, we offer a range of specialist accountancy services for new and established business owners.

Your business solutions

Whether you need business advice, accountancy services, or help with starting an enterprise, Plus Minus chartered accountants have the professional experience and collective expertise to help.

business advice to claim a loan

Need business advice?

We’ve helped countless people like you to find their footing in business. Whether you’re just starting out or long up and running, we can assist.

how to pay less tax

Paying too much tax?

Thousands of small and medium sized enterprises across the UK are paying more tax than they should. Would you know if you were too?

chartered accountant london

Looking for better?

Our accountancy services match the best London has to offer. But we don’t stop there. And nor should you. Find out what makes us different.

business advice for start up companies

Starting a business?

Fresh thinking and outside perspectives go a long way toward SME success. Years of experience and a proven track record can’t hurt either.

chartered accountants in London

Changing accountants?

Every business is different and so are your goals as an owner. We take the time to get to know both to help you get where you’re going.

business consultants for small medium companies

Growing a business?

Britain is a nation of innovators and entrepreneurs. But growing your business takes more than hard work. We’ll provide the edge you need.


Failure to launch

Find out about our specialist services for startups and how we can help get yours off the ground.

Missing proactive advice


Looking for a new accountant?

Don’t get stuck with bad advice. When it’s time to switch accountants, do what’s right for your business.

Embrance the change

Let us guide your transition from sole trader to limited company, including tax registration, informing customers and suppliers, and setting up your new bank accounts.
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Struggling with your business taxes?


Accountancy services

Business advice & support

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or established in business, an outside perspective is often invaluable. We’re here to help you plan, forecast, analyse, and more. We’re also here to support you through the worries and fears that are part and parcel of business.

Growth strategy & exit planning

A crossroads in business can mean one of two things: it’s time to grow outwards or get out entirely. We can advise and support you through either, whether you’re looking to develop a strategy, raise funds, buy a business, or maximise your value for sale.

Tax planning

Well-structured, streamlined business models are the bedrock of manageable tax. We have the expertise and corporate backgrounds to ensure your taxes are as low as they can be, providing good, solid tax planning strategies that put your company first.

Tax mitigation & personal tax

Most people hope to mitigate Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax, but savings can be made in other areas of personal taxation too. We look at all the reliefs and allowances legally available to you to make sure you’re not being unfairly charged.

Start-up advice

The most successful SMEs are grounded in a solid awareness of their own finances and financial drivers. But they also understand the importance of adaptability. We’ll make sure you get everything you need to succeed and grow in an ever competitive marketplace.

Landlords & wealthy individuals

As specialists for landlords and wealthy individuals, we can help you protect and grow your finances through careful tax and estate planning services. We’re also knowledgeable in issues of property development, mortgages, inheritance, and equity release.

Accounts & tax returns

You’ll not only save time and hassle at the end of the year by letting us prepare your accounts. You’ll also benefit from an expert analysis and suggestions for how to plan ahead—as well as a fully HMRC-compliant tax return service.

Investment & retirement planning

It’s never too early to plan for retirement. And with life expectancy rising, those years may be getting longer. With our knowledge of debt clearing, ISAs, pensions, and investment schemes, we can help you to put the most into them and get the most out.


We’ve all dealt with cashflow problems—invariably when bills are due. But sometimes all it takes is a little creative thinking. By getting to know your situation we can work to improve it, devising innovative long and short term solutions with a focus on cashflow forecasting.


When you take on employees, payroll becomes a huge consideration—not only for net income but for your time as well. We can take you through it step by step or otherwise just handle it for you. Either way, we’ll simplify this often confusing but crucial aspect of running your business.

Bookkeeping services

Good bookkeeping means a lot more than just knowing the software. To really understand your figures, we’ll get to know your company too. Whether you want us on- or off-site, a little of both, or just to look over your work, our services can be as comprehensive or as specific as you need.

Value added tax (VAT)

One of the most complex areas of taxation when it comes to running a business, VAT is also among the most important. We can save you time and money on all aspects of value added tax, taking care of everything from registrations and rebates to disputes and appeals.

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