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Seeking advice early on is likely to make you savings in the tens or hundreds of thousands

Tax mitigation and personal tax is all about saving you money by structuring your affairs more efficiently. We look at several key areas of taxation, depending on your situation, to ensure you’re not being overcharged. With the right advice, it’s possible to make substantial reductions on your tax bill, and sometimes to eliminate certain taxes altogether.

Income tax mitigation

There are many legitimate and lawful ways to save you money on income tax. With our help, some individuals manage to keep thousands away from the tax man.

When determining your eligibility for tax breaks, deductions, and reliefs, we first look at renegotiating your tax band. For high earners, transferring funds to a spouse’s account is one good way to lower your personal liability. We also look at investments to restructure them for tax-free returns.

Other common ways to mitigate your income tax, particularly for property owners, include releasing equity on buy-to-let properties.

Inheritance tax mitigation

For effective tax planning and mitigation, it’s vital to seek advice early on. Inheritance tax is one area that people consistently leave to the last minute, ultimately resulting in a huge chunk of your estate —up to 40%— going to the government’s coffers. Not only is this is unacceptable for most of us, it’s also unnecessary.

First we’ll look in-depth at your circumstances and estate to assess your inheritance tax liability. We’ll then devise personalised strategies for both the long- and short-term to mitigate what you’ll have to pay—always aiming to get the whole of your wealth passed along to your heirs.

Corporation tax mitigation

When you’re running a limited company, one of your most significant—and most reducible — expenses will be corporation tax. By looking at the way you manage and extract your company’s profits, we find ways to keep corporation tax to a minimum. Sometimes we’re able to eliminate it entirely. For especially profitable years, this could take the form of incentive schemes for your company’s directors or employees.

Capital gains tax mitigation

Capital Gains Tax applies to any capital gains you make, such as from shares and property investments. Mitigating your liability in this area is highly advisable if you’re planning to invest in property, land, or the stock market.

To help you reduce or eliminate your liability for Capital Gains Tax, we’ll assess your eligibility for the various reliefs available. Depending on your circumstances, these could pertain to gifts, enterprises, reinvestments, or other specific factors.

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Plus Minus are eager to make sure you are paying only what you are liable to pay. Time and again we come across businesses and individuals paying more than their fair share. Offering expert advice and professional support, we can be invaluable to protecting your wealth.

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