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Landlord accountants

Need help managing your portfolio?

Whether you’re renting out one property or a portfolio of several, specialist accountancy services for landlords can help keep your affairs in order.

As accountants for individuals, we’re always working with landlords in London. We can advise and support you through a whole range of sector-specific challenges, from tax-efficient purchasing to reinvesting income. We can also provide guidance on special tax reliefs and HMRC-compliant bookkeeping.

Buying property

Any property you buy to let should be seen as a business investment and, as such, must have a profitable return. We can help to ascertain the viability of a property for any given area, weighing potential income against the initial cost of the building.

Commercial property

We also advise limited companies on acting as their own landlords at commercial premises. This involves charging rent to your business and claiming it back in expenses. You could also rent out part of your commercial premises to other companies to further offset the cost.

Overseas landlords and UK property

Plus Minus help you managing UK allowance and tax issues. Several individuals overseas purchase properties in UK to rent out, capitalising on rising UK real state prices while benefiting from the rental yields. The UK will tax the rental profit arising from any property situated in the UK, regardless of the residence of the owner or the tax treatment in the country of residence.

We managing Non- residence Landlord accounts and you don’t have to worries of third parts expenditures. Plus Minus work with Non-resident Landlord Scheme and Non-resident Landlord Companies.

What we can do for you

  • Managing your rental as income less any allowable deduction for properties and personal allowance.
  • Registration under the Non-resident landlord register Scheme – NRL scheme
  • Applied for withholding tax if applied
  • Managing maximum income tax rate
  • Inheritance tax protection
  • No UK capital Gains Tax

Bookkeeping and tax returns

As with any business, landlords are expected to keep detailed records on their income, profits, and losses for submission to HMRC each year. Not only can we advise you on the best practices, as well as tax planning or tax mitigation, we can also handle everything for you. This includes preparation and submission of accounts and VAT returns, and handling all of your official correspondence with HMRC.

Specialist accountants for landlords

All of our specialist accountants have experience with companies of their own, including managing buy-to-let properties. So we’re well placed not only to advise and support you on sector-specific issues of finance and taxation, but to empower you to come through them strong. Get in touch today to discuss our full range of accountancy services for landlords.

Bespoke solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to accountancy solutions for landlords. That’s why we take the time to get to know you, your properties, and your own personal objectives. Whether you’re managing one or two properties or you’re a landlord of many, we’ll carefully evaluate your unique position to offer all the services that you need.

You’ll have your own personal point of contact on our team, along with year round access to our collective expertise and specialist software.

Some other specific services you might need

  • Advice on rent accounts
  • Capital expenditure planning
  • Repairs

Your landlord specialist

You’ll have your own personal point of contact on our team, along with year round access to our collective expertise and specialist software.

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