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Payroll services

Designed to meet the needs of new employers

Our payroll services are designed to meet the needs of new employers and more experienced business owners alike. Backed by the expertise of our qualified chartered accountants based in London, we streamline this often stressful part of running a company with employees.


Registering and managing PAYE scheme

Plus Minus offer a full payroll services for SMEs, including the registration of your company for employer and accounts office references, and managing the scheme from then on.

Salary calculation and payslips

We handle the entire payroll process, which means calculating salaries to include statutory sick pay, maternity leave, student loan repayments, bonuses, commission, and overtime. We also provide payslips services, issuing these on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis and sending BACS payments to employees and the HMRC.


Real Time Information (RTI)

In addition to end-of-year returns, HMRC also requires updates each time employees get paid. We compile this information for businesses as part of our payroll services, including data on earnings, tax, and NI deductions, and submit it through the HMRC’s RTI system.

Automatic Enrolment

In accordance with regulations, we’ll also periodically assess your workforce for automatic enrolment into a workplace pension scheme. We’ll also evaluate your existing pension scheme for compliance with quality standards and to maximise its efficiency for your business.


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Ivy Townsend

Ivy Townsend

Bookkeeper and Payroll Manager

Raquel Ferreira

Raquel Ferreira

Bookkeeper & Admin

Klarida Zeka

Klarida Zeka

Bookkeeper & Admin

Your payroll specialists

Our dedicated team of chartered accountants in London are experts in payroll and industry-specific issues across a range of sectors.

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