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Bookkeeping services London

Keep your business both organised and ahead of schedule

Bookkeeping services are of vital importance to keeping your business both organised and ahead of schedule when it comes to preparing accounts, submitting returns, and creating business reports. We can help with a range of digital and manual bookkeeping solutions beyond just entering bills and sales invoices. Working closely with all our clients, Plus Minus provide some of the most tailored bookkeeping services London has to offer.

Why a qualified bookkeeper?

We cannot overstate the importance of qualified bookkeeping.
Because only a certified accountant has the training, expertise and accreditation you need. Crucially, they’re held to high standards by official bodies like the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, or ICAEW.
In short, a qualified bookkeeper is the expert you want in your business.

Accounting and bookkeeping services

Your bookkeeper should also have a keen accountant’s eye. That is to say, we don’t just record figures. Instead, we place them in the wider context of company accounts and tax. Because every business is different, we also take the time to understand your goals. In this way, we can keep you on track to get there.

Diverse industry experience

Each of our qualified accountants has more than 15 years experience in the profession. And their own business backgrouns span a number of different industries. In this way, we’re able to tailor our accounting and bookkeeping services to clients’ needs. In addition to industry-specific knowledge, we provide custom procedures and on-call specialists.

Flexibility and versatility

We’re happy to work around your business. Accordingly, we offer:

  • Remote bookkeeping at our office.
  • On-site bookkeeping at your office.
  • Combined bookkeeping: We’ll work from our office and visit yours regularly. But we’ll use our own systems to save you software and hardware costs.
  • Supported bookkeeping: You’ll manage your books but we’ll help you with difficulties. Again, we’ll share the software.

Bookkeeping and payroll

Hiring employees brings with it a host of other duties. Of course, these can detract time from running your business. That’s why our bookkeeping and payroll services are designed to share the burden.

Your dedicated bookkeeper

Submitting tax returns on time, which is vital to avoid sometimes vast penalties, is entirely dependent on high bookkeeping standards. At Plus Minus, our bookkeeping and tax services go hand in hand, helping individuals and businesses to plan tax strategies that save them time and money.

We offer bookkeeping services on a fixed fee or hourly basis. We work on Sage, Excel or any other software you may prefer. Our services can include

  • Day to day bookkeeping
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Credit control & suppliers’ payment
  • Running of payroll, payslip preparation, P11D, etc
  • VAT calculation & submission of VAT returns
  • Management accounts & bespoke management reporting
  • Review of interim reporting and active tax advice to mitigate tax liability

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Bookkeeping services London

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